Can anyone do the program? Can I do the program more than once? Can I eat out on the LLN Program? Can my kids eat these recipes too? How long does The LLN Program run for? I have an allergy to nuts and eggs, can I still use the recipes and join the program? I have an intolerance to FODMAPs, can I still use the recipes and join the program? I have IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome). Will your recipes and program help? I have purchased an e-book, how will I receive it? I would like to buy your products or books but I am unsure on using online payment? Is the LLN Program Paleo Friendly? What are FODMAPs? What happens after I register for The Live Love Nourish Program? Will I benefit from the recipes and program if I don’t have food allergies or sensitivities? Will I lose weight?

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