8 WEEKS TO healthy & happy - online program

8 Weeks to Healthy & Happy

An interactive online nutrition and lifestyle guide for living a healthy life you love.
  • Nourish your body with real food recipes
  • Learn what foods make your unique body thrive
  • Learn how to create healthy meals you and your family will love 
  • Sugar free, gluten free and healthy made delicious and easy 
  • Heal your gut and digestion 
  • Reach your healthiest weight (without counting calories)
  • Heal cravings and energy slumps
  • Improve overall energy and sleep 
  • Balance stress and hormones
  • Develop a loving relationship with your body

Online program includes 150+ whole-food recipes (free from sugar, gluten and dairy), meal plans, nutrition and lifestyle guides and more. 

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A healthy outside starts on the inside.

Our Program Difference

  • Start at any time that suits your lifestyle.
  • Real food only. 
  • Simple recipes made with simple food. No fancy ingredients. Just healthy food you can find in your supermarket. 
  • Time friendly recipes for busy mums, corporate workers, families and students. 
  • Program written by a qualified naturopath and nutritionist. 
  • A holistic approach to health and nutrition that includes lifestyle guides. Health is more than just what you eat. 
  • Follow our nutritionally designed meal plans OR use our guides and recipes to create your own. 
  • All recipes are free from sugar, gluten, dairy and soy with options for egg free, nut free, low FODMAP and Paleo friendly. 
  • Every recipe includes tips to personalise to your unique needs. 
  • We believe that every body is unique and no one diet suits all and that's why we show you how to listen to your own body and work out your perfect diet that makes your unique body thrive. 

What's Included?

  • 8 weeks of practical and empowering resources and guides for a healthier, happier you 
  • 8 weeks of nutritionally designed meal plans all done for you 
  • 150+ real food recipes exclusive to the program 
  • Weekly time-saving shopping lists
  • Nutrition & lifestyle guides 
  • Weekly focus plans 
  • Weekend checklists to save time 
  • Holistic exercise inspiration 
  • Action steps to develop a positive relationship with food 
  • Action steps to develop a loving relationship with your body 
  • Online personal journal to track your progress
  • Access to our private Facebook support group  
  • Mobile friendly access
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Love yourself enough to nourish your body with real food that will love your body back.

Inside the program

Each week you will have unique online access to all content to support your health journey, including printable meal plans and shopping lists.

Prep Week   - Preparing your mindset and kitchen 
Week 1 - Nourishing your body; what to eat for health 
Week 2 - Re-energise your body
Week 3 - Holistic cleanse
Week 4 - A happy, healthy gut + eliminating sugar 
Week 5 - Healthy, balanced meals + creating a healthy relationship with food and your body 
Week 6 - Nutrition from within; intuitive eating, balanced hormones and healthy body image 
Week 7 - Rest and healing stress + finding your confidence 
Week 8 - Your healthiest weight + living your healthiest and best self


From our naturopath & nutritionist 

I truly believe YOU deserve to have a loving and nourishing relationship with food and your body that leaves you feeling amazing. This is what I aim to inspire you with with my 8 week online program. As a naturopath and nutritionist I developed this program to share my passion of what it means to nourish from the inside out with whole foods that love your body back. 

Throughout the program you I teach you how to understand what makes your body thrive, how to create balanced and healthy meals as well as share simple nutrition and lifestyle strategies for living a healthy life.  

No matter where you are on your health journey I I would love to support you towards feeling healthier and happier as I share this fun and empowering program including exclusive delicious real food recipes that I know you'll love. I am here to support you along the way and look forward to being a part of your health and wellness journey. 

Casey-Lee x 

I believe that health starts from within and by nourishing your body from the inside out you will begin to feel your best and healthiest self. 

Affordable qualified support 

This investment in you and your health is valued at AU $149 which includes the entire 8 weeks of meal plans & empowering tools for under $19/week (approx. $2.50/day). 

  • Private nutritional sessions can cost approximately $80 - $120+ per session
  • Just 1 coffee a day for 8 weeks costs approximately over $220!
  • But above all, you are worth it!

Are you ready to join me for 8 weeks of nourishing from the inside out, kept real and simple?

A snapshot of our meal plans...






Does the program cater for gluten / dairy sensitivity / Paleo diets? 

  • Yes. The all program recipes are made with real food ingredients, as close to their natural state as possible and are free from wheat, gluten, dairy, lactose, refined sugar, soy, preservatives, additives and most grains. 

I have special dietary requirements, can I do the program?
  • Yes. I have created the program with as much flexibility as possible where every recipe contains suggestions on how you can personalise recipes to your unique needs and provides substitutes for ingredients catering for nut free, egg free, Paleo, low FODMAP and vegetarian diets. 

    How do I join the Live Love Nourish 8 Week Program?

    • Click the 'Join Now' button on our program page and complete your details to gain access to the program's content. 

    When does the program start or can I start when it suits me? 

    • The program is designed for you to choose when to start. You will gain full 10 weeks access from your chosen date. 

    Can I share my program membership?

    • The program is designed for you. This gives you access to your own personal account, access to our private Facebook support group, your own personal journal and the ability to personalise your program with your action step exercises. The meal plans and recipes are family friendly and can be cooked for your family to enjoy. 

    Do the meal plans and recipes cater for families or a partner?

    • Yes. As a mum myself I understand the importance of keeping meal times simple and not having to cooking lots of different meals as well as making sure meals are family-friendly. To cater for for extras simply multiply the recipe by the number of people you are cooking for. 

    Is it a weight loss program?

    • The program is aimed to help you find your natural and healthiest weight. We don't focus on dieting, counting calories or restrictive eating but instead we show you how to nourish your body with real foods and to create balanced meals. This is the approach that has helped many of my clients to look and feel their best, with long term results without dieting. 

    Success Stories

    Since I launched the program in 2014, I am so grateful to have been part of so many people's health journey. Here's what some of our members have to say... 
    • "I finally learned how to prep wholesome, nutritious, yummy meals. Easily. And how to plan and shop... easily, without the overwhelm I use to feel." - C.M, AUS
    • "I am still enjoying many favourite recipes from the program and feeling great and looking even better." - C.O. QLD, AUS
    • "Feel lighter and my gut feels so much better. I have lost 4kgs. Enjoyed having the week planned and eating delicious food. I am coeliac and my stomach pains have vanished." - C.A, NSW, AUS
    • "The program takes the guessing out of clean eating with prepare lists, recipes, plans and tips along the way. The most noticeable difference is in my tummy. 8 week later and I've never been so much time without a stomach pain." - P.A. U.S
    • "I love the program. It is exactly the support and structure I needed to make some pretty big lifestyle changes, an amazing stepping stone...Casey-Lee, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support and help these past 8 weeks." - L.P. NT, AUS
    • "I enjoyed the program as it doesn't count calories but instead emphasises on getting nutritious and real food into our lives. It is really well organised with so many extra tips and advice on all aspects of health and wellbeing." - M.H. NSW, AUS
    • "I loved doing the program with Live Love Nourish. It was really simple and supportive and a great way to enjoy food, keeping it light and simple." - L.D. NSW, AUS
    • "Thanks so much for my recent program with Live Love Nourish. I really enjoyed your recipes, and I found the way of eating & program very supportive. I continue to be aware of what I'm eating and currently love your protein pancake recipe." - S.G. Surrey, UK
    • "Breakfasts were amazing. So varied. I enjoyed the program because I didn't have to stress about thinking up recipes and shopping lists myself, it was all there. Experienced weight loss and not craving sugar anymore." - K.S. WA, AUS
    • "I continue to feel very supported by the LLN program I completed early last year - even when I dropped away from nourishing practices for a period it gave me a simple foundation and marker to return to which I am now continuing to deepen for myself. A credit to the program and the way it has been established, thank you." - S.J.H. AUS
    • "My favourite part of the program were the recipes because each recipe had detailed and thoughtful nutritional information that addressed points of interest to me. I also liked how it contained a "make it personal" section to allow for variations to suit the individual." - S.K, 39 yrs. QLD, AUS