Quinoa Sushi

How to make your own healthy and gluten free sushi.

Store-bought sushi is one of those “easy to grab” lunches that most think of as a “healthy” option. But did you know sushi rice contains sugar? Most sushi fillings also contain some kind of food allergen such as gluten and soy (found in soy sauce, teriyaki sauce, deep fried crumbing), dairy (found in Japanese mayonnaise) and preservatives and sugar (found in marinades).

Why not make your own quinoa sushi that is full of FRESH and un-processed ingredients for a simple, nourishing lunch. These sushi rolls are a great lunch for at home or to take in a packed lunch. Kids love these sushi rolls too. In this recipe we substitute starchy white rice for high protein quinoa but you can also make these rolls simply just with protein and vegetables. You'll find more simple and healthy recipe ideas in my recipe e-book

Using nori sheets (sushi wrappers available in the Asian section of the supermarket) as your wrapper and provides a well known source of the mineral iodine important for nourishing your thyroid.

Keep them interesting and change your fillings or even use leftover vegetables in your filling. These versatile sushi rolls are a great way to incorporate vegetables into your diet providing a well-rounded source of vitamins, minerals and fibre.

This is one of the simple light lunch ideas you'll find in my 8 Week Online Program

Nourish 101:

  • Quinoa Sushi contains healthy protein, slow-release carbohydrates and fibre providing you with a satisfying and filling lunch or snack.
  • Quinoa is a high protein, gluten free alternative to rice that provides a healthy source of slow release carbohydrates.
  • Nori (edible seaweed) is rich in iodine needed for a healthy thyroid function. Nori is also a source of the minerals calcium, iron and magnesium.
  • Choosing quality protein options such as cooked fish or canned salmon, tuna or cooked chicken adds extra protein and nutritional content to your rolls.


Quinoa Sushi


  • 1 cup cooked Quinoa*
  • 3 Nori Sheets

Protein Filling options:

  • Canned Tuna, drained 
  • Cooked or canned Salmon,
  • Cooked and shredded Chicken
  • Hard boiled and mashed Egg
  • Cooked Beef Strips

Vegetable Fillings options:

  • Capsicum, cut into thin strips 
  • Cucumber, cut into thin, long matchsticks 
  • Carrot, cut into thin long matchsticks 
  • Avocado, sliced or mashed with fresh Lemon Juice 
  • Spring Onions, finely sliced


  1. Prepare fillings and set aside.
  2. Place nori sheets on flat surface and run wet fingers along edge.
  3. Line one end of nori sheet with quinoa then top with filling all the way across one edge.
  4. Gently fold filling end over on itself and continue rolling to form a tight cylinder.
  5. Gently cut through roll with sharp knife using very little weight and a back and forward motion.
  6. Cut into bite size pieces (approximately 6 pieces per roll). Leave in fridge for 5-10 minutes before serving (sushi holds better when chilled).

Serving Suggestions:

  • Serve as is or with optional coconut aminos for a dipping sauce for an allergen-free alternative to soy sauce (which contains gluten and soy) or tamari (which contains soy).

Make It Personal:

  • You could use white, black or red Quinoa to vary your sushi filling.
  • Sprinkle cooked quinoa with toasted Sesame Seeds for added flavour and extra nutrients.
  • *To cook Fluffy Quinoa follow our recipe here.
  • Place uncut nori rolls in refrigerator for 5 - 10 minutes before cutting. Use a wet knife to cut for clean and even cut sushi.
  • Add chopped chives or shallots with fresh lemon juice to tuna or salmon.
  • Stir through finely chopped fresh herbs into your filling. 
  • Some simple and delicious filling suggestions:
    • Tuna, avocado and spring onions
    • Cooked chicken, carrot and snow peas
  • Instead of quinoa you can use ‘cauliflower rice’ - to make cauliflower rice simply grate cauliflower florets and steam or pan fry until just tender.

Recipe Tips:

  • Marinate the carrot in fresh lemon juice for 5 - 10 minutes then drain. This will give the carrot a slight pickled flavour adding extra zing to your Sushi.
  • Purchase nori sheets from the Asian section of your supermarket, health food store or here.

Sensitive to Eggs?

  • Avoid egg from filling options.

Vegan and Vegetarian Option:

  • Avoid animal based protein from filling options and opt for your favourite vegetables.

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