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  • Pantry Detox

    The LLN Pantry Detox e-book is a one-stop resource to help you create a healthfully stocked, well-organised kitchen you love. This full colour e-book download includes over 30 pages of simple & practical tips, a comprehensive list of what to stock in your nourishing whole foods pantry, a full list of healthy swaps and lots more, so that you are inspired each time you open your pantry doors to create meals that nourish your body. All suggestions cater for anyone wanting to improve their health and for those embarking on or following a gluten, dairy and sugar free lifestyle.

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    • Do you open your pantry doors and feel inspired and motivated to cook healthy meals that nourish your body?
    • Does your pantry support your health and wellness goals?
    • Does your pantry need a good old clean out?
    • Are you feeling uninspired at meal times and need some new inspiration? 
    • Would you like to know what to stock in a healthy, nourishing pantry? 
    • Need help with making healthy swaps?
    • Looking for a one stop list of gluten free, dairy free and/or refined sugar free alternatives? 
    • Dream of an organised, uncluttered and healthy pantry? 

    The Live Love Nourish Pantry Detox is a simple to follow e-book download on how to detox and stock your pantry for one that nourishes and supports a healthy, happy and organised life. 

    NOTE: The pantry detox e-book is included in our 8 Week Program

    What's included? 

    Over 30 pages of practical tips, lists and motivation to inspire you to create a healthy pantry you love. 

    Topics covered include: 

    • My 3 steps success approach to a healthy pantry
    • Breaking through mental blocks 
    • How to source quality ingredients 
    • Should you buy organic?
    • An extensive list of healthy swaps (free from gluten, dairy and refined sugar) 
    • How to organise your pantry, fridge and kitchen
    • How to store foods for freshness  
    • Tips to save you money 
    • An A-Z list and description of healthy ingredients (all free from gluten, dairy and sugar)

    By reading The LLN Pantry Detox my aim is that you feel inspired to create a healthfully stocked, well-organised kitchen you love so that each time you open your pantry doors you feel inspired to create meals for you and your family that love your body back. 

    Buy our PDF e-book to read more.

    • Pantry Detox
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