It's so wonderful to see you here and have you a part of the Live Love Nourish 8 Week Program. I'm excited to share with you my tools for understanding what makes your unique body thrive and to help you to achieve your health and wellness goals. 

I hope you enjoy this week's meal plans and nutrition and lifestyle guides to support your health and wellness journey. 

May you feel inspired to nourish from the inside out as you enjoy lots of delicious and nutritious food all designed to help you to feel your best and healthiest self. 

Remember that you absolutely deserve health and happiness. This is about being YOUR best version of YOU!

Have an amazing week lovely! You've got this! 

Don't forget to check-in to the program's Facebook support group. I am here to support your journey throughout the 8 Week Program as we work together to help you to feel your healthiest self. 

If this is your first time logging in please head to prep week to begin your journey. I truly hope you love the program!

From Casey-Lee (nutritionist, naturopath and creator of the LLN program)...

Aimed to inspire you to nourish your body and being so that you feel your best and healthiest self, each week I share with you nutritionally designed meal plans, healthy (and simple) recipes, support to develop a healthy relationship with your body, practical ways to improve your wellbeing and inspiration to build a positive relationship with food. Throughout the program you will gain many tools to help you establish a loving and nourishing relationship with yourself whilst finding food freedom and learning to love your body. 

My aim to inspire you with a positive relationship with your health that you will continue to nurture beyond the program. 

I truly hope you enjoy the week's ahead, because you are so worthy and deserving of feeling amazing every day! I look forward to being a part of your wellness journey so thank you for being here. 

May you 'live the real you, love truly and deeply, nourish from the inside out.'

With Love,

Casey-Lee x


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