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Fresh Young Coconut Smoothie

Using just one ingredient you can make a delicious and nutritious dairy free and nut free smoothie.
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Prep Time 5 minutes
Servings 1


  • 1 whole Fresh Young Coconut


  • Open tip of coconut. (See how to prepare a young coconut). 
  • Drain coconut water into a glass, set aside. 
  • Using a metal spoon, scoop out inside flesh of coconut. 
  • In a blender, pulse coconut water with coconut flesh until smooth. (I find my Vitamix does a brilliant job of this smoothie )
  • Serve chilled. 


How to prepare a fresh, young coconut:
  • To remove the coconut water from the inside turn the coconut upside down and pierce the base with a sharp knife several times to create a whole.
  • Alternatively, you can pierce a hole in the top of the coconut, just to the side of the tip using a ‘Coconut Tap’ (available from health food stores) or a clean screw driver and hammer to pierce the shell. Once hole is made, turn coconut upside down resting on a glass and drain the liquid. To open the top turn the coconut on its side and using a very sharp knife or clever make 4 energised incisions at the top point as you rotate the coconut. Carefully use the blunt knife to lift the lid you have just cut. Use a spoon and scoop flesh out.
  • Alternatively you can use a coconut opener that you can purchase from speciality kitchen shops or health food stores.
Make It Personal:
Recipe Tips:
  • For this smoothie you must use a young coconut (it will either have the hard green outer or if removed will appear white, not the dark brown husk of a mature coconut) and not a mature coconut (with brown hairy husk).